Evacuation, Invacuation or Lockdown?

Differing Emergency situations at your business premises may require differing types of response. The choices of response are Evacuation, Invacuation & Lockdown. Do your employees know what to do in a Workplace emergency and have they practiced their response to make it instinctive? As an example the recent tragic events in Paris involved a prolonged…


Holborn Fire – 1st April 2015

17:00 – Thursday 2nd April 2015 As we head in to the bank holiday weekend the emergency services are still working hard to extinguish the gas fire on Kingsway. Indeed National Grid are advising that gas supplies to the surrounding area may need to be turned off – see Camden Council statement below… “Emergency services…

Disaster Recovery Space

WAR is over – Does work area recovery have a future?

Demand for WAR (Work Area Recovery) is reducing year on year according to the majority of Business Continuity professionals I meet. On the face of it this makes sense as new technology empowers workplace mobility the need to physically convene in the same office becomes less and less relevant. As the office estate becomes less…