Office Space Recovery

Plan ahead to reduce the impact of disasters and outages at your Office Space

How important is your office space to the success of your business and what is the risk of your office becoming unavailable?

Office Space

If your office space plays a vital role in the success of your business then you need a recovery plan to cope with disasters and business interruption. Over the past ten years we have helped thousands of companies plan for and recover from disasters such as Fires, Floods, Burglary, Loss of Power, Denial of Access and much more.

As technology and mobile working improves it is easy to assume that offices are no longer important to business success and as such the default disaster recovery solution can often be to send all staff to work from home.

We believe that home based working is an essential ingredient of any office space recovery strategy, however we have not worked with many businesses that could actually rely on home working 100%

We are experts in the design and implementation of affordable Office Space recovery plans for businesses of all sizes and sectors so please contact us for an exploratory chat.

EMERGENCY: If you are currently suffering from a Disaster or Business Interruption at your Office Space we can help! Please contact us.

Office Space Risks

Office space environments are perceived to be low risk when compared to more hazardous industrial and catering environments. However we do see regular disasters and business interruption to office space for the following reasons:

  • Power Failure
  • Data Network Outage
  • Denial of Access
  • Fire
  • Flooding
  • Burglary

The risk profile of each office space is unique due to its location, age and current risk mitigation activity. We can give you a high level overview of your specific office spacre risks over the phone so please contact us.

Office Space Recovery Plan

For most businesses the best office space recovery plan will combine a number of solutions that may include: Working from Home, Intra Site Recovery, Reciprocal Recovery, 3rd Party Syndicated/Dedicated & Dynamic Recovery. Based on a thorough understanding of your business needs and budget we will recommend and implement the optimum recovery strategy to keep your business running.