Retail & Leisure Premises Recovery

Plan ahead to reduce the impact of disasters and business interruption at your Retail & Leisure premises

If Retail & Leisure premises are forced to shut then so does the revenue. Risk mitigation and insurance risk transfer are essential to business survival.

Retail & Leisure Premises

The impact of a disaster at your retail & leisure premises can often be catastrophic, especially for single site businesses. Customers still need to shop or eat and can be easily tempted to competitors whilst you are closed and some customers may never come back when you reopen.

Effective recovery of retail & leisure premises is all about planning ahead of time, removing unnecessary risk and ensuring that your business interruption insurance is fit for purpose.

Our retail & leisure premises recovery solutions are highly creative and will maximise the survival chances of your business so please contact us.

EMERGENCY: If you are currently suffering from a Disaster or Business Interruption at your Retail & Leisure premises we can help! Please contact us.

Retail & Leisure Premises Risks

Retail premises are medium risk from a long term loss perspective, however they are often the most difficult to recover due to the locational dependency from a trading perspective. Larger retail & leisure chains are less susceptible to loss as their risk is distributed across multiple locations. Business interruption to retail & leisure premises are often for the following reasons:

  • Fire
  • Denial of Access
  • Burglary
  • Vandalism

Our unique disaster recovery planning process identifies the unique risk profile of each retail premises to develop an appropriate recovery and risk transfer strategy.

Retail & Leisure Recovery Strategy

Your recovery strategy should start with a thorough understanding of risks and potential financial losses. Early involvement with insurers to develop a comprehensive risk transfer package is essential. Risk mitigation in terms of detection systems will also be a high priority. Our team can also deploy creative temporary property solutions to preserve customer loyalty.